Tarrant County Masterplan – Fort Worth, Texas

Elements was procured to assist the county with programming, analysis and development of a master plan for the departments located in the downtown Fort Worth facilities. This included five facilities in the Central Business District and 20 departments. The purpose of this master plan was to align personnel with office standards for a better, more efficient working environment, consolidation of personnel and resolution of proximity issues. Services provided to Tarrant County include interviews with key department heads, development of an individual program for each department identifying their current situation as well as deficiencies and short/ long term growth plans, realignment of the departments within the downtown facilities and finally development of schematic plans for each department. Included within these services were design charrettes and organizational meetings of county staff, top level employees and elected officials. Proposed construction costs were developed with the county and were put into phasing for a long term plan and priorities for correcting insufficiencies within county budgeting.