Pacific Seafood – Houston, Texas

Pacific Seafood of Houston is a 32,000 SF seafood processing and distribution, cold storage facility. This project consists of a renovated 16,000 SF existing Warehouse facility with a 16,000 SF new additional Freezer, Cooler and food Processing area. The existing and new addition is a tilt wall construction shell built around the Freezer and Cooler area. Because of the need for maximum shelf life of the food product processed here, well thought-out engineering design was imperative for the location and distribution system of the Ozone Machine for which Pacific Seafood has perfective over the past years. Also due to the nature of the food product in this facility, the need to wash down the floors, walls and equipment is a daily routine several times a day. Therefore careful consideration of materials and construction details in a wet environment was a major priority.

The Facility has a loading dock area for 9 trucks and 3 separate areas for fillet and tray packaging, processing and frozen product storage. There is a small commercial kitchen up in the Mezzanine to prepare product sampling for new potential clients. The Administrative Offices are located in the front of the facility with a separate public entrance away from the processing and distribution area.