Central Library – Fort Worth, Texas

The Fort Worth Central Library is a public library that focuses on Texas and the South, but also houses data about the Midwest and the original thirteen states. The Central Library also has a vast collection of family history data and collects materials reflecting the history of Fort Worth. More importantly, this library is the official archives for the City of Fort Worth municipal government

The Local History and Genealogy department is approximately 15,500 square feet and is run by several full-time and part-time employees, as well as volunteers. It is located on the Lower Level of the library. This department required redesign to provide a clear and concise delineation from the rest of the Lower Level, while staying true to the existing architectural design and style. To make this happen, a grand entry was designed to entice the public to venture into this space.

Elements has provided two additional projects within the Central Library for remediation and renovations for the next couple of years. This work included structural as well as HVAC modifications.