Tyson Food Distribution and Storage – Houston, Texas

Tyson Foods, Inc., building, in Houston, Texas, was slated to have a plant expansion and alteration to incorporate the functions contained in another existing facility in order to consolidate the two into a single, main distribution and processing center. Design involved converting existing dry storage space into processing, packaging, and cold storage areas. Approximately 60,000 square feet of dry storage area was used for this conversion and resulted in approximately 90,000 square feet of processing and packaging area by utilizing the existing vertical space available and creating a two-story structure in lieu of the existing single story. Additionally, ancillary building expansions were added to support the new process functions.

The existing building totaled 224,000 square feet, and with the expansions of the second level and the support buildings the square footage increased to 276,700. The first level design included areas for cold storage, slicing, cart storage, and maintenance/ support space. A break room and locker/restroom facilities for employees were also provided. The new second level design provided offices, training rooms, two labs and a large area for packaging storage.

Design and permitting for this project occurred within a two and a half month timeframe. Total cost for the project is approximately $17 million.