Regions Bank Branch Locations – Multiple Locations

These projects consist of site adaptations based on prototype designs. Facilities range from 3,500 to 5,000 square feet and house retail/branch bank offices for one of the leading financial service providers in the nation. A major consideration at each site was interior design/finishes, which were established to provide consistency with the client’s corporate standards, while still complimenting and coordinating with the many exterior design/finishes that differ between locations. Special attention was given to the selection of interior finishes and materials in order to respect regional and site specific considerations and requirements.

The scope of services for these projects include site design through construction administration services, all performed within a short time frame to accommodate the client’s growing market needs.

In addition to the branch facilities, Elements provided interior design services for Regions Financial Group to establish interior finishes and furniture scheme standards for use on all new facilities throughout the country. Included in the scope of services was development of three “color” schemes for selection by the local/regional managers. The “color” schemes reflect material, color, and furniture selections for all finish materials in order to assist the local markets in maintaining their overall corporate image. Throughout the design process, Elements of Architecture worked closely with the client’s corporate level personnel in order to develop written standards, color boards, and binders for distribution to all regional architects responsible for site adaptation of prototype facility designs.