Jason’s Deli Distribution Center – Grand Prairie, Texas

The Jason’s Deli Distribution Center existing freezer/cooler storage facility was previously located in Arlington, Texas. This facility stores all of their food and packaging for the many restaurants in the Texas area.

When Jason’s Deli ran out of room, expansion within their current location was not an option because the facility was land locked. Jason’s Deli then decided to relocate and build a larger facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. The new facility, an 84,000-square-foot building, will house 8,100-square-foot of corporate office, 39,900-square-foot dry storage, 14,400-square-foot of Freezer, 12,750-square-foot for cooler and the rest for miscellaneous space including the shipping and receiving office.

The City of Grand Prairie had several exterior design constraints since the location of the facility is in the high profile Great Southwest Crossing in the I-20 corridor. The east and north building facades, facing a residential area and I-20 respectively, were required to articulate the building elements in order to avoid the hard one dimensional industrial look. Therefore large detached concrete tilt wall panels were placed out in front of the building wall with different heights in order to give a perception of massing. Two large panels at right angles were located at the northeast corner of the office area with large punched openings where one would walk through when entering the building. The entire building exterior is concrete tilt wall panels with horizontal and vertical reveals. The top of the east and north detached wall panels are capped with an EFIS cornice and a stone wainscot. The structure is metal decking on bar joists sloping toward the loading dock (west elevation) and tilt wall as load bearing area.